Geranium Oil and Anxiety

A recent study performed by a cohort of Iranian researchers sought to provide such validation by performing a triple-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to investigate the effects of geranium essential oil on anxious feelings in the healthcare setting. (Triple-blind studies are similar to double-blind studies in that neither the study subjects or researchers know which subjects are receiving the experimental intervention, but triple-blind studies add further validity by ensuring that the statisticians analyzing the results do not know which subjects received the experimental intervention either. This reduces the risk of bias.) Absorbent patches with three drops of geranium oil were placed inside of patients’ oxygen masks for 20 minutes daily. The scientists found that geranium oil did significantly decrease normal anxious feelings in patients who received it.

This study adds validity to the aromatic use of essential oils as a low-cost, low-risk method to help manage normal anxious feelings.