Spice up Your Life

Cardamom seed is considered to be one of the most expensive spices in the world because of its difficult and labor-intensive harvesting process.  I enjoy blending it with Cinnamon, Clove Bud and Lemon Essential oils.

How to use:  Aromatically – in a diffuser; Internally – us it in your cooking (make sure your brand is ingestable!); and Topically – use on or two drops on the chest or stomach to promote clear breathing it can help to reduce digestive upsets.

Cardamom is also known to calm nerves!

Cooking with Cardamom (Essential Oil)

For baking or cooking, it is best to use either whole pods or the essential oil. Using one drop or less (by dipping a toothpick in the oil and swirling in in your mixes) will usually get you the amount of flavor you desire. Cooking with the oil and not the powder also gives you some of the digestive benefits of Cardamom oil along with the flavor.

It is best to add Cardamom directly into any liquid already going into the recipe, for example:Olive oil, coconut oil, honey, or syrup.

Cardamom Truffle Recipe